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June 16, 2012


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They are really contradict to their beliefs and ways. They can't hide their flaws and corrupting it wouldn't help.

Lector El

"Are there institutions and ideologies that are thriving among millennials as alternatives to religion?"
Yes. I'm 20, and an atheist. Let me tell you about my community. We're the ones who dug up $1000 between us all to help a total stranger pay for her abortion, and dropped 50 bucks on commissioned art. We're the ones with our names and address on the trans* housing network, and usernames we respond to like they're real names. The ones writing manifestos on social safety nets and drawing filthy fetish porn.
I've been involved in online communities one way or another since I was twelve. I write fiction, code webpages for friends, donate to indie projects, write about feminist and anti-racist issues, signal boost on important causes.
From where I'm standing, the answer of which institutions and ideologies are thriving among millennials is simple: Ours are.
The ones we built, the social networks based around common interest and common cause. We've drawn in on ourselves, made spaces where we can exist, free floating from brick and morter. I've got over 200 people following my blog, and I'm a small-timer compared to some people I know. People come to me for advice because they trust me, and I go to them. We take care of each other, as much as we can.
Maybe established institutions are crumbling. But mine, the ones I care about, and care about me? They're going strong, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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