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February 14, 2006


John B

For what it's worth, I've hunted (in the long past) and saying that Whittington is solely at fault (as, at least, I heard Alan Simpson claiming on Hardball) is like saying someone not wearing a seatbelt trumps the other guy's reckless driving as cause for an accident.

When I heard Simpson saying that, I had a vision of Rove's face hovering in the background, cackling with glee, saying, "Yesssss. That's it. Dance my little puppet, dance!"

The question I'd like to have asked is what is the routine procedure for the police in these situations? I'd expect they'd talk to witness and check for alcohol use, but since they were held off until the next morning, I don't expect that happened.

Scott Paeth

Well, I've heard suggestions that there might have been beer involved, but nothing solid. As you point out, John, since the Secret Service apparently held them off till the next day, we may never know.

One thing that galls me is the way that they keep referring to Whittington's heart attack as "minor." Is there any such thing as a "minor" heart attack if you're 78 years old? Hell, I don't think that any heart attack is minor!

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