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January 06, 2006



But the eschatological vision of a kingdom of peace and justice is not about who rules the state, but about who rules the universe and who rules in the hearts of human beings. It is not when Christians control the state that justice reigns, but when a new law is written on our hearts.



Long time reader, first time commenter. This is an excellent post. Would you mind if I provided a link to your thoughts on this subject on my blog?

Scott Paeth

Please, feel free. I'm honored.


In an odd twist, I attended a meeting last night of the women's spirituality group to which I belong, and the leader chose as the topic one that relates to this post (neither she, nor anyone else in the group, is an online junkie, like me).

In response, another member started talking about Wallis and an NPR piece.

Weird when our online and real lives converge like that, since I had read this post just hours before.

Of course, I suggested I could send links to various blogs of interest to my fellow members!

Bemused, here.

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