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February 21, 2013


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Scot Miller

The skit is a riot. I think you are absolutely right when you argue that one of the reasons it is so funny is that it actually reflects American Christian civic religion.

Robert N. Emerson

It's definitely this sort of theistic disassociation that's kept me fairly agnostic for the majority of my life, as while I've been quite fortunate to know a handful of folks who've presented faith in a positive manner it's always been the more negative group think aspect that has turned me off of it, especially American Christian/civic religion.

Perhaps I was fortunate to have a childhood that was fairly diverse, be it ethnically, culturally, religiously, or socially. There was very little 'otherness' and thus, as I grew older and my family moved to a more rural/conservative area I found myself with little desire to participate in groups that applied a lot of 'otherness.'

Anyhow, Scott, definitely a good read and take on the situation.

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